impactThe C3W outreach team is experienced in ensuring climate science research is publicised and benefits the wider community. We can assist you in writing, and/or delivering the Impact Plan component of your research bids.

As part of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) there is a peer review process to assess the quality of research activity in UK Higher Education Institutes, resulting in the selective allocation of public research funds.

With our expertise C3W can help you produce an Impact Plan that clearly meets the ‘reach’ and ‘significance’ components required by the assesment panel. We can also help in the delivery of these plans through the work of our Outreach Team.

For an initial discussion of how we might help with your bid please contact Saskia Pagella on 01248 382600 or

Sample video produced as part of our ongoing Impact Plan delivery for BRITICE:Chrono project

Pathways to Impact include a broad spectrum of both academic and socio-economic impacts, as indicated by the Research Councils UK schematic diagram.