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The National Research Network for Low carbon Energy and the Environment (NRN-LCEE) has announced a second call for collaborative Research Clusters.

lcee2The call focuses entirely on the first of the four NRN-LCEE themes, ‘Sustainable Intensification’, and specifically calls for proposals that address Multifunctional Future Landscapes, Sustainable Agriculture and Resilience.

Sustainable land use and resilient agriculture, in the face of a changing climate and an increasing population size, are major challenges; particularly in relation to balancing food security with other ecosystem services, multiple or conflicting land uses and the role of agriculture in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The future is uncertain, and research is needed to develop adaptive, robust solutions for conflicts in future land use and management that takes this into account.

The outcome of this call is anticipated to be a strong, diverse set of multidisciplinary Research Clusters covering a range of scientific knowledge gaps, and contributing towards increased resilience and sustainability of agricultural systems, and adaptive management of multifunctional landscapes.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 14 January 2015. More details on the call remit and application process can be found here and on their downloads page