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Swansea Glaciology Group’s new film “A GLIMPSE of Greenland: the disappearing ice” was screened for the first time in the Taliesin Theatre, Swansea University on Tuesday 22nd November.
The 50 minute documentary follows glaciologists from Swansea University on their 2010 and 2011 field campaigns in south-east Greenland. Witness the triumphs and frustrations, the beauty and the hardships as they travelled and worked in a world of glaciers and icebergs. The film tracks their investigations of how and why Greenland’s ice is changing. Amongst the highlights are dramatic time-lapse footage of a huge iceberg calving event, a wild storm amongst the icebergs, a close encounter with a polar bear and the stunning mountains and glaciers of the remote fjords. The film has been entirely shot, edited and produced by researchers from Swansea in collaboration with 196 Productions, Cardiff. The film has been supported by EPSRC Pathways to Impact and a CASE studentship from NERC, and the screening forms part of Swansea University’s Interdisciplinary Research Week supported by EPSRC’s Bridging the Gaps project.