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Recently Professor Siwan Davies’ work understanding past climate was the subject of the third in S4C’s new science series, Dibendraw

Siwan Davies, Sarah & Gwydion Jones take peat samples from Llyn in Carmarthenshire

Siwan Davies, Sarah Davies & Gwydion Jones take peat samples from Llyn Llech Owain in Carmarthenshire

Siwan works at Swansea University’s Department of Geography, and is the winner of the prestigious Lyell Fund Award from the Geological Society. Siwan uses volcanic ash, found in ice cores and sediments, to date and analyse past climate.

Also taking part in the programme are Sarah Davies from Aberystwyth University, Gydion Jones of Swansea University & Professor Geraint Vaughan of the University of Manchester.  The programme also highlights C3W’s role in bringing together Welsh academics studying climate change.

The whole 24 minute programme can be watched on the Clic website, English subtitles available. (expires 5th March 2014).

Trailer for the programme.