IPCC 5th Assessment of Climate Change Science – a Welsh perspective
– Professor James Scourse Presentation

The last five years: Evidence for a climate transition – Tyndall Centre PhD Conference 2013
– Professor James Scourse Presentation 

Introduction to the Climate Change Consortium of Wales
Professor Michael Hambrey Presentation

Using the Climate of the Past to Predict the Climate of the Future
– Danny McCarroll Presentation

Spatially explicit negotiation of ecosystem service synergies and trade-offs
Tim Pagella Presentation

Public Attitudes to Climate Change: Is there a Welsh Dimension?
– Nick Pidgeon Presentation
C3W Showcase Meeting, Easter 2011

Impact of Climate Change on the Spatial & Temporal Distribution of Precipitation within the River Usk Catchment
– Becky Marsh Poster

Quantifying the Stability of Ice Sheets during Global Warming Events
– Sam Bradley-Dosaj Presentation
PhD student at Cardiff University – July 2011

Impacts of Climate Change on the Welsh Visitor Economy
– Brian Garrod Presentation
Commissioned by Visit Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Countryside Council for Wales, 2010

Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, Erosion and Flooding: Altered Expectations – a Role for Insurance?
– Mark Stallworthy Presentation
From Law School, Swansea University at C3W Aberystwyth, April 2011

3D monitoring of a major calving event at Helheim Glacier
Timothy James Presentation

Climate Change and Global Health: the Governance Challenge
– Professor Colin McInnes Presentation

C3W 2011 Autumn Lecture Series, Bangor University

The Physics of Climate
– Dr Tom Rippeth, Bangor University
Slides & Audio

The Climate of the Last Millennium
– Dr Paul Butler, Bangor University
Slides & Audio

Natural Climate Variability
Prof James Scourse, Bangor University, Director C3W
Slides & Audio

Response of Glaciers and Ice Sheets to Climate Change (Part 1)
Prof Mike J. Hambrey, Aberystwyth University
Slides & Audio

Response of Glaciers and Ice Sheets to Climate Change (Part 2)
Prof Bryn Hubbard, Aberystwyth University
Slides & Audio

Climate Change and the Urban Environment
Dr Saskia Pagella, Bangor University
Slides & Audio

Climate Change and Public Perceptions
Dr Wouter Poortinga, Cardiff University
Slides & Audio

Climate Change, Wales and the UK
Dr Clive Walmsley, Countryside Council for Wales, Director of Outreach, C3W
Slides & Audio

Climate Change, Wales and the UK
Prof Bridget Emmett, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Slides & Audio

Climate Change and Carbon Accounting
Dr Rachel Taylor, Bangor University
Slides & Audio

C3W 2011 Conference – Research Review and Workshop

Aberystwyth 27th and 28th April

Climate Modelling Research and Applications in Wales
Professor Sir John Houghton Presentation

Vulnerability and adaptive capacity of biodiversity in Wales
– Dr Clive Walmsley Presentation

The Ice age in Wales
– Professor Michael Hambrey Paper
A short explanation of the work being carried out to develop a detailed account of the ice that covered Wales

Climatically induced hazards in the Himalaya
– Duncan Quincey Presentation
Shows how moraine dam outbursts have killed hundreds and caused massive environmental and human damage.

Marine Climate Change Impacts – Annual report card 2011
– MCCIP Report
This report card for 2010 – 2011 is a synopsis of the findings of 40 UK organisations


C3W  2013/14 Lecture Series,  Aberystwyth University

The Scientific Basis of Climate Change
Sir John Houghton Presentation

– Professor James Scourse Presentation

Climatic Change over Geological Time
– Professor Michael Hambrey Presentation

Snowball Earth
– Professor Ian Fairchild Slides

Livestock & Climate
– Professor Jamie Newbold  Presentation

The role of low carbon farming to deliver sustainable intensification
– Dr John Gilliland OBE  Presentation (Jump to 28:29 in the recording)

“All you wanted to know about ice shelves but were afraid to ask”
– Prof. Neil Glasser Presentation (Poor audio first 12 minutes)
& Prof. Bryn Hubbard Presentation (Jump to 25:05 in the recording)

Floods in the Anthropocene: Myths, Mud and Metals
– Professor Mark Macklin Presentation

The Burning Question: What will it take to leave fossil fuel worth trillions in the ground?
– Duncan Clark Presentation

Bones, genes, stones and mud: testing hypotheses of climate change and human origins
– Professor Henry Lamb Presentation

Democratiaeth a Chynaliadwyedd – Democracy and Sustainability
– Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas AM Presentation (in Welsh)

‘I do not remember the weather so severe…’ a historical perspective on weather extremes in Wales
– Dr Cerys Jones & Dr Sarah Davies Presentation

Rewilding Britain
– George Monbiot Presentation

“GLIMPSE the future of the Greenland ice sheet”
– Professor Tavi Murray Presentation

‘The Big Climate Debate: Why Don’t We Act on Climate Change?’
– Nick Pidgeon, Mark Whitehead, Stuart Capstick, Rachel Howell Presentation

C3W Winter 2012 Lecture Series,  Swansea University

The Steel Industry & Climate Change
Dr Paul Brooks, Tata Steel Presentation

Modelling the evolution of Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets: recent improvements and challenges for the future
– Dr. Catherine Ritz, LGGE Presentation (recording)

Climate Change Networking Event

Aberystwyth May 2010

Climate Change and Global Health: the Governance Challenge
– Professor Colin McInnes Presentation

Cool Cities: Climate Change and Urbanization
– Dr Mark Whitehead Presentation

Everyday Engagements with Aquatic Environments
– Dr Chris Bear Presentation

Making Climate History
– Dr Iwan Rhys Morus Presentation

The Contribution of Visual Art within Climate debate
– Julian Ruddock Presentation

Greenhouse gas emissions from livestock
– Professor Jamie Newbold Presentation

Plant breeding for changed climates
Dr Michael Abberton Presentation 

Climate research of the Quaternary and Environmental Change Research Group
– Professor Geoff Duller Presentation

East Africa in C3W: Lake Tana, the Blue Nile and Beyond
– Dr Henry Lamb Presentation

Woodlands and climate change: research addressing current and future needs
Dr Hugh Evans Presentation
Forest Research, The Research Agency of the Forestry Commission

Climate research of the River Basin Dynamics and Hydrology Research Group
– Dr Stephen Tooth (on behalf of Dr James Brasington) Presentation

Climate change and flooding: A long term perspective
– Professor Mark Macklin  Presentation

River response to Climate Change: a view from the worlds drylands
– Dr Stephen Tooth – Presentation

Climate Research of the Centre for Glaciology
– Dr Bryn Hubbard – Presentation

Climatically induced hazards in the Himalaya
– Dr Duncan Quincey Presentation

Space Weather and Climate Change
– Professor Manuel Grande  Presentation

Forecast Error Decomposition
– Dr Rob Douglas  Presentation

The Response of Anaerobic Prokaryotic Communities in Severn Estuary Sediments to Environmental Change
– Shaun Thomas Presentation

The Dynamic Interaction Between Microbial Biodiversity, Biogeochemical Activity and Sedimentary Geomorphology in the Severn Estuary
Angharad Williams Presentation

Climate Change and Dynamic Sediment Controls on Stream Organisms: A Case Study in The Severn Catchment
Becky Marsh Presentation

Development of sediment-landform associations at cold glacier margins, Dry Valleys, Antarctica
– Hambrey, Michael J.; Fitzsimons, S.J. Paper

Our Changing Climate (Public Lecture Series)

Cardiff  October 2011 – June 2012

Climate Change and Overview
– Professor James Scourse Presentation

Climate Change, Biodiversity and Evolution: Can lessons from the past allow us to plan for the future? 
– Professor Mike Bruford Presentation

The Geological Record of Ocean Acidification
Professor Andy Ridgwell Presentation

Public Perceptions of Climate Change
Professor Nick Pidgeon Presentation

Climate Change: Engineered Solutions
Professor John Sheppard Presentation

Climate Change: Implementing Policy Responses
– Professor Mark Stallworthy Presentation