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Aberystwyth University’s Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences are seeking a physical geographer or earth scientist to develop research in the broad field of improving our understanding of past environmental change. The successful applicant will join the Quaternary Environmental Change Research Group, a major grouping of Quaternary scientists in the UK.

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing and undertaking independent and collaborative research within the fields of interest of the Quaternary Environmental Change Research Group and the Climate Change Consortium of Wales (C3W), with particular emphasis on one of the following topics, or on a topic of their own choice (applicants must make clear in their application which project they wish to apply for, and they must outline their proposed research):

  • Quantifying carbon turnover in desert soils
  • Development and application of flow cytometric methods for discriminating and counting pollen and spores from sedimentary archives
  • Extending the absolute chronology of long lacustrine records in eastern Africa, Asia or the Americas using luminescence methods to improve correlation of palaeoenvironmental records from these lakes with other long archives of environmental change
  • Improving records of storm activity in the UK and adjacent regions through the historical period and late Holocene
  • Agricultural origins: testing the climatic change hypothesis
  • Ecosystem development and biogeochemical cycling in the Bolivian Andes: the role of pre-Columbian human activity on the ecosystem functioning of a biodiversity hotspot
  • Development of a luminescence scanning system for rapid estimation of the age of lacustrine core records

Candidates who wish to develop their own research proposals are strongly encouraged to contact a member of the Quaternary Environmental Change Research Group at an early stage to discuss their project.

(Fixed Term 18 Months)

Information and application forms available at the Aberystwyth University Vacancies site

Ref: GE.13.13
Closing date: 19 August 2013
Interview Date: Week Commencing 2 September 2013