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A proposal for a unique science communication tool to be based in Wales is gaining momentum.

Science on a Sphere® (SoS) consists of a large 3-D globe, onto which films, images, satellite and model data showing the changes affecting the world’s land, oceans, atmosphere and human societies can be projected. As the audience gathers around the globe, watching from the relative darkness, it seems they are ‘looking in’ on our planet from space, as the world turns in front of them. The effect for most is transfixing and this makes it a great tool for science communicators, who either give live presentations in person, fielding questions and demonstrating processes, or pre-record presentations and commentary for walk-by visitors.

The Science on a Sphere for Wales Proposal

  • Acquire and operate a Science on a Sphere (SoS) installation for Wales.
  • Exhibiting it at six to eight geographically distinct locations during an 18 – 24 month period.
  • Be seen by 70% of primary and secondary school children, visit all the Higher Education institutes and at least 50% of Further Education colleges in Wales and by members of the general public, particularly those living in remote Welsh communities.
  • It would then be based in either the National Museum of Wales, or at one of the C3W Universities.
  • It could potentially loaned to other institutions across the UK as an income stream.
  • Seeks to influence behaviour change and so help Welsh Government meet greenhouse gas emissions mitigation targets.

C3W researchers have already received training to present using the UK’s only other SoS, at the Science Museum. These scientists will travel to the London over the coming year to present to Museum visitors on environmental and climate change related topics including ice sheets, ocean currents, energy systems and plant biodiversity.

Speaking after his training using the Sphere Swansea University’s early year’s researcher Dr Martin O’Leary said,

“The Science on a Sphere exhibit makes it easy for the public to understand and relate to what could otherwise be quite an abstract topic.”

Initially C3W are seeking seed funds for consultants to assist with the design of supporting exhibition materials from a number of interested groups. With the materials created,  and after a potential pilot roadshow, the help of funding bodies and sponsors will be sought to help make this important educational project a reality by buying the first portable SoS in the UK. It is anticipated that a full-time manager will be funded to run the project, liaise with partners and organise logistics.  Academics and suitable demonstrators would then be identified to take part in the project.

 See what C3W Researchers think about Science on a Sphere:



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