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This page features a number of resources for use by those wishing to teach the science of climate change in Primary and Secondary edication.

Some of our materials have a particular relevance to Wales and its environs.

Introductory presentation for teachers, pupils and the general public. Presentation by Dr Jeanette Reis

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Teacher training material designed for the Welsh Baccalaureate 

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As part of the Beacons project C3W staff helped in the creation of the following resources:
Adapting to Climate Change in Wales Resource Pack
An Education Resource Pack for Teachers and Pupils of Key Stage 4 – This pack has been designed to support activities in Geography, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities, Personal and Social Education. It explores how changes in the climate change could impact citizens of Wales, and in particular how citizens could adapt to living in a different climate. Although the focus is on Wales, this packs draws on examples from all over the world.

Addasu at Newid Hinsawdd yng Nghymru Pecyn o Adnoddau
Pecyn o Adnoddau Addysgol i Athrawon a Disgyblion Cyfnod Allweddol 4 – mewn Daearyddiaeth, Daeareg, Ffiseg, Cemeg, Bioleg, Dyniaethau, Addysg Bersonol a Chymdeithasol. Mae’n ystyried sut y gallai newidiadau yn yr hinsawdd effeithio ar ddinasyddion Cymru, ac yn enwedig sut y gallai dinasyddion addasu at fyw mewn hinsawdd wahanol. Cymru sydd dan sylw, ond mae’r pecyn yn defnyddio enghreifftiau o bob rhan o’r byd.

On our resources page you will also find a list of our top ten recommended climate web sites.