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Four artists have created a collaborative art installation following a dialogue between artists and scientists working at Aberystwyth University.

Located in pod 9 at Aberystwyth Universitiy  Arts Centre, it will showcase a range of interdisciplinary artworks developed as a response to the issue of climate change.

The artists, Julian Ruddock, Sam Christie, Jess Rose and Jacob Whittaker say,

“The aim is to propose new approaches to the communication and visualisation of existing climate data and documentation, Adapting the notion of the black box recorder, this hybrid site is organised as an ‘arkhe’ or shelter in which to gather and display fragmentary remains as archive material for the future. lt attempts to re-frame perceptions of the present crisis and allow consideration or our position within an uncertain future.”

The exhibition is viewable form 19:00 on the 9th of November 2012

Flyer of a gallery at Aberystwyth University for the "Predicting a Climate Archive" show