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On a cold November morning, pupils from the Howardian Pupil Referral Unit in Cardiff joined forces with Jeanette Reis, Climate Change Consortium Outreach Officer to explore a future with a changing climate.

As the icy winds and rain-swept in, pupils measured environmental characteristics, estimated changes in local sea level and explored implications for their future communications, energy supply and settlement activities. The setting was Cardiff Bay, a redeveloped area in South-East Wales.

Matthew Brown, a teacher from the unit commented that, “The young people got a lot from it (and the staff!!!)” and “the activities and information were pitched just right”.
Following on from field survey activities, pupils were asked to develop innovative adaptation approaches that generate energy, provide alternative sources of transport or support settlement activities in flood risk areas. Pupils also discussed issues of responsibility, in particular, whose responsibility it is to adapt to climate changes.

Estimating local sea level and water temperature changes in Cardiff Bay with pupils from the Howardian Pupil Referral Unit in Cardiff









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Thanks are extended to Cardiff University School of Earth and Ocean Sciences for additional funding to support this session.

Dr Jeanette Reis is Outreach Officer for C3W based in Cardiff University